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Rochester, New York, USA



To ensure round-the-clock continuity of coverage and to support key operational and management requirements, GVA retains about fifty employees, including both full and part time EMTs and paramedics. Currently (June, 2017), we have twelve full time paramedics and five full time basic EMTs. There are fourteen part time paramedics and sixteen part time EMTs. Since the paid staff was initiated a few years ago, these members have become an integrated, predominant part of the GVA team.

Many of the full time staff work a rotating shift schedule consisting of two 12-hour day shifts and two 12-hour night shifts, followed by 4 days off. The part time staff are scheduled to fill shifts not covered by full time or volunteer personnel.

We currently have positions available for both ALS and BLS providers.

Those interested in applying for a position at GVA can send a completed application to our captain of operations.